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TheGamer: Newsflash, Cyberpunk 2077 Is Still Bad

1 Jul 2023

TheGamer: Newsflash, Cyberpunk 2077 Is Still Bad

TheGamer: Newsflash, Cyberpunk 2077 Is Still Bad

Author: Gothic Wizard  /  Categories: Community Content, Article/OpEd  /  Rate this article:
Gamer goes on a hard rant, and I mean hard about she does not like 2077 and does not think it's a game beyond mediocre. While SOME of the comments have merit some sound like they are coming from some oblivious rage induced keyboard warrior 11 yr old on moms computer. None the less I will let you determine for yourself, here is a snip;

Cyberpunk 2077, in its current state, is a perfectly passable triple-A game. Given its budget, that's a low bar. There are still all the various ways the game objectifies women, fails to develop or interrogate the racial stereotypes of its gangs, and fetishises trans bodies while keeping you locked into a cisgendered body during romance scenes regardless of your character creation choices.

But that's woke! I don't care about that if the game is good! Bad news bucko, it's still not. The lack of third-person play, the lack of wall-running, and the emptiness of the city that locks you out of each building reveals the hollowness at Cyberpunk 2077's core, and no amount of polish can fix it. Plus, the driving is still bad. While some missions have depth and heart, many more feel rushed and linear, while most of the extra abilities remain useless, the economy is imbalanced, the guns lack much sense of variation, and hacking has no meaningful function in the game. Also, the driving still kinda sucks after the upgrade.

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