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Last Post 1/12/2023 8:30 PM by  Gothic Wizard
Game system overhauls
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Gothic Wizard

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Virtu Addict

Virtu Addict

1/12/2023 8:30 PM
    We know we are getting a police overhaul (finally) and it's suggested we may even get car combat. Aside from those 2 points what other game system or mechanic would you like to see added, overhauled in the expansion?

    I hate to sound basic, as everyone and their mother is asking for this, but I REALLY hope they add a way to 'hang out' with your friends, love interest more. There is a mod where you can call up your BFF, lover and meet them at a bar. Something like that officially included would be very exciting  to have in the game before it's sent off into the sun set.

    Also a revamp of the enemy AI to be smarter, use more abilities would be a nice bonus too.
    -GW Admin of CPNO
    You are not authorized to post a reply.