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Last Post 1/12/2023 8:24 PM by  Gothic Wizard
Music selection
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Gothic Wizard

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Virtu Addict

Virtu Addict

1/12/2023 8:24 PM
    Is it me or does the new Growl station in the expansion need to have more trance, electrtonica style music like many of the classic cyberpunk movies like Bladerunner, Matrix, Akira or video games like Shadowrun? Don't get me wrong the music is VERY good and deserves high praise. However it's mostly grunge rock, punk, light industrial and various forms of metal. Not what I'd consider the most classic or typical cyberpunk genre music. Some more dark techo/EMB, darkwave, synth or/and even some goth would really fit the setting I feel. What's everyone else think?
    -GW Admin of CPNO
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