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CD Projekt: "We need to fix the relationship with our players"

CD Projekt: "We need to fix the relationship with our players"

CD Projekt: "We need to fix the relationship with our players"

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Gothic Wizard

Over on there is a interview with CD Projekt's VP of PR and communication Michał Platkow-Gilewski. He took accountability of the poor launch and how happy he is of how well the feedback has been about the expansion. Some places like GameSpot are focusing on his ONE sentence saying some folks jumped on the hater bandwagon during the games struggles in the first year. Implying he was brushing off the (legit) criticism of the launch on the players. That is frankly out of context and not the point he makes in most of the article. None the less here is a snip;

Platkow-Gilewski has been at CD Projekt for 12 years, joining back when it was 120 people and he was part of a marketing team of six. Now the business is around 1,200 employees and his team is close to 100. And for him, the real disappointment around Cyberpunk 2077 is that it let down the studio's core fans.

"I was personally not happy with how things turned out. I was not expecting that. I knew immediately that we had to come back. I liked the spot we were in. I'm not talking about the peak of hype, but two years before that, we had our community, we liked them, they liked us, it was awesome to work at CD Projekt RED.

"After the release it was tough, but I knew that we had the same people. The gamers are the same… we just need to fix our relationship. The only thing we can truly do is just deliver what we are capable of. I have a feeling that soon we will be able to do that and hopefully that will be a new beginning for everyone."

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