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6 Replies and 988 Views Win Phantom Liberty Contest!      988  6 Started by  Gothic Wizard CPNO is going to have a Phantom Liberty contest. We are giving away FIVE Steam copies of the expansion Phantom Liberty. The first 3 will be randomly chosen. The last 2 will be selected by your replies to this post. 1. For a chance to be entered randomly, register on this site, make sure you do so with a email you actively use as that is how we will contact, get the info to the winners, and post in this thread you want to be entered. That's it. 3 random folks will be chosen and they will be gi...
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by  wolv2077Jump to last post
2/17/2023 7:32 AM
0 Replies and 431 Views New area beyond combat zone?      431  0 Started by  Gothic Wizard What do you think that the expansion will have an area outside the combat zone area of NC I say this because in the trailer you see some racing, car combat and they are going along quite for some time. It looks like it is quite a ways outside city limits as the skyscrapers are in the distance quite a bit. So either the combat zone is going to encompass more than just the current area of Pacifica byt a LOT or they are going to extend the badlands and open up some more area outside the city are t...
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12/29/2022 12:34 PM
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